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Founded in 2001, it has professionals from the sector with over 30 years of experience making and distribution of polyurethane systems is our business. We strive for innovation not only in the manufacturing of our products but also in our relationship with our customers whom we offer personalized attention and solutions. Teamwork is of paramount importance in establishing the aforementioned relationship with our clients. We integrate their needs in the coordination of our work so as to fulfilling them through the most suitable solution.

Another issue whose importance we consider central is sustainable development. We have engaged in a strict quality control programme within the Spanish chemical product formulation legal framework which allows us to keep pollution rates low. We take part in the joint effort of like-minded individuals and companies who are committed to saving energy and minimizing the impact of development in the environment.

Thus, innovation, environmental protection and customer-focused teamwork are the main priorities of our company whose day by day growth is founded on our enthusiasm.

We are based in the south of Spain. Our production plants, quality control and development laboratories, warehouses and offices are just outside Seville in Alcalá de Guadaira.


  • Respect for the environment.
  • Commercial vocation customer focused.
  • Interest in the continuous training of our staff and customers, as added value of the company.

Quality Policy

Both our company’s standards and the products we manufacture are certified by Applus+. Formulaciones complies with the MARKED CE product regulation and UNE EN ISO 9001 company regulation.

Formulaciones has its own laboratories to control characteristics of their products and verify the quality, in addition to the endorsement of the certification company Applus.

Applus+ certifies that formulaciones complies with the following standards: MARKED CE product regulation and UNE EN ISO 9001 company regulation.